Wednesday, July 3, 2024

The Garden of Eden and Paradise Lost


The Shepherds Dream from Paradise Lost
By Henry Fuseli -, Public Domain,

This first post since September 2022 finds me back in Mother Africa to witness first hand, the reality of the Mythical Garden of Eden and the historical nature of Paradise Lost, as I continue this late life desire to become more reality-wise and finish a book titled, HYPNOTIZED HUMANITY: The Self-Hypnotic Beliefs of Consensus-Reality. 

And after walking around my current location of Nungwi, Zanzibar, with a contemplation of History Metaphorized firmly in mind, I took some photos of what feels like the nature of paradise and how it was historically lost through the subconscious nature of our human behavior and our still chronic self-ignorance, even as our consciousness continues to evolve through the 'apocalyptic' spirit of scientific revelations about the 'unseen' nature of reality.

Sitting in the tourist famous and very popular Fish Market Local Restaurant I took this photo of the visual sense of heaven the location is rightly famous for:

While only a short walk from the beach the historical nature of how paradise was and continues to be lost is quiet clearly evidenced in the way humanity tends to seek shelter from the elemental nature of reality, as witnessed by this snapshot photo of one moment in time:

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