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A Perceptual Wisdom Revolution


This is how humans are: We question all our beliefs, except for the ones that we
really believe in, and those we never think to question. ― Orson Scott Card

Orsan Scott Card’s comment sums up the way I began self-questioning beliefs about my reality while reading neuroscience accounts of nervous system function back in 2007. The calendar year concept of space-time that in hindsight, was the beginning of trying to understand my reality from the inside-out. The period of my life when I started to make sense of experiences of being the earth turning in space, as a visceral challenge to my consciousness.

A challenge that, in hindsight, has always been the need for a re-adaptation of my mind towards a more heart-felt  and embodied sense of reality. Which I now understand as the birth-right challenge expressed in the cryptic clues of ancient wisdom symbols and stories. Like the symbolic image of family life within the horizons of the Aten and Jesus upon a metaphorical cross of space-time.

I believe the intuition in Bob Marley’s revolution solution idea sums up the synchronous reality of human history. Just I believe in our innate capacity for developing a higher consciousness involving deeper insights and understandings of reality. As I continue to wrestle with two cryptic sayings of an old Buddhist monk in Thailand, “Words are not reality?” ― “Only experience reveals the nature of being?”

While during the dawn birth of a day conceived as Thursday and numbered 21/07/2022, two calendar months on from landing in Athens, Greece at approximately 7AM. A further realization dawned within my skull as I flattened 3 images into one with my laptop’s image manipulation software. Three photos of the sun above the horizon at Bondi Beach, Australia that compliment the smartphone video question I asked Facebook friends from Diani Beach, Kenya, just yesterday.

Where is Heaven?” "If not right here on earth then where within this universe would heaven be?" A video prompted by these self-cross-examination questions, “What am I?” ― “Am I the Cosmos become Conscious?” ― “What is Heaven & Hell?” ― “What is Humanity?” “Why does consensus-reality rule my conscious mind?” ― “If the Bible expresses the history of humanity in allegories and metaphors, who wrote it and what sense of reality informs it?” “What was the inspiration behind gold topped Pyramid and Obelisk structures in Egypt and ancient sayings and stories about creation?”

Questions that cause me to wonder what creation is and examine my relationship with it, and whether I’ve been following a timeless path in my search for the meaning and purpose of life. Since the days of my youth, I have often noticed how sun rays appear through clouds and fan out in triangular, pyramid-like fashion and wondered if this was the natural inspiration for pyramid fashioned structures in the ancient world. So it was no surprise to notice inside Hoffmeier’s book, the passages about the pyramid-like rays of the sun and Akhenaten’s “horizon of the Aten” inspiration for a religious revolution.

While another book, Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs: The Essene Revelations on theHistorical Jesus, by Ahmed Osman stunned me with a passage from Egyptian scripture that bears a striking similarity to what I experienced at the temples of Abu Simbel. Twice I filmed the sun rise above the horizon of the East across lake Nasser, once to the South and the next day, on the Northern side of the temples while facing due East.

Three times I went down to the temples on my 3 night stay in Abu Simbel, to contemplate the meaning of their construction and the purpose of the doors in their world-famous solar alignment. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be exploring two temples after reading articles about Ramesses II and viewing so many images of the larger temple.

While on the last morning of my trip, after filming sunrise in lake Nasser, I thought I understood the 3 messengers of creation as the sun, earth & moon, as I looked towards the entrance doors of both temples. An experience that returned to mind with a profound impact when I read about the doors of heaven using metaphorical terms like a serpent diadem rested upon a forehead, in an ancient Egyptian scripture about the horizons of Ra.

After Abu Simbel I went to Luxor to experience the magnificent Karnak Temple, the valley of Kings and Queens and used my smartphone to film what I believe is signified in the iconic Egyptian Solar Boat. 

I was wondering about pharaoh Akhenaten’s experience of watching the sun appear to rise above a horizon between a gap in the cliffs thousands of years before. Noticing how Luxor temple seems to resemble those ancient cliffs and wondering if its construction is aligned with the daily cycles of the Sun and Moon? Please watch the video that emerged from that experience:

In Diani beach, Kenya, when I merged 3 horizon of the East photos into one, I thought I understood the intention behind ancient structures and sayings about humanity’s relationship with creation. As the adaptive spirit of the cosmos all human beings are born with, expressed in the first beat of our heart’s and our first experience of waking consciousness. An inborn spirit that I believe is the inspiration and intention of Akhenaten’s religious/spiritual revolution in Egypt and Jesus’ subsequent teachings on the spirit of creation in Israel.

Teachings I believe concern how we embody the spirit of creation beneath the optical illusions of our consensus-reality beliefs. Especially the implicit teaching of Jesus’ sayings on the cross, concerning humanity’s need to transcend the consensus-reality of popular opinions. Sayings I believe are based on a timeless conversion experience described in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. A cave I believe is cryptically and metaphorically described in the New Testament section of the Bible as “the place of a skull,” (Mark 15:22). Isn't our brain, inside our skull, where the reality of creation becomes conscious for all human beings?

Is this where the spirit of the cosmos begs for release from its consensus-reality prison? Is that the purposeful intention of Jesus’ final sayings on the cross? Sayings intended to be experienced in a way that releases people from the self-deceiving experiential blindness that now threatens humanity’s progress? And is the global nature of our 21st-century problems likely to be solved by the same level of consciousness that created them?

Is the highly symbolic and metaphorical language of the Bible’s last book an example of heart-level consciousness? The level of consciousness we experience when noticing how a good picture is worth a thousand words, for example? Are the word painted pictures of serpents, trees and repentant calls to salvation, throughout the Bible inspired by heart-level consciousness? A level of consciousness that manifests an intuitive sense of the unseen reality of the human condition, like the descriptions of a kundalini energy flowing within the spinal cord, with the coiled sense of it residing at the base of the spine often referred to as a serpent power?

And can the adaptive-realizations experienced by embodying a 21st-century confluence (flowing together) of science and spirituality bring clarity to our confusion about the past and the present? I believe that is what will happen as people working at the leading edge of knowledge synthesize all the recent revelations about the unseen reality of the cosmos and the unseen reality of what makes us human. Particularly the recent mapping of nervous system structure and function in The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation.

The book that I read and reread dozens of times to help me develop a heart-centered awareness of the unseen source of my experiences of being the earth turning within the hostile environment of outer-space. Improving my self-regulation with a visceral awareness of how my thoughts are energized and how my heart is the central power of my nervous system, similar to how the sun is the central power of our solar system.

And just like humanity’s first sight of the paradigm-shifting images of outer-space produced by the James Webb telescope, scientific research continues to provide paradigm-shifting images of the inner-space of our human body and organize and synthesize such information through centers for excellence like HeartMath.org

And after adapting and synthesizing information about my nervous system since 2007 and developing an internal awareness of my heart as the centralizing power in my experience of being human. I realize that my filming sunrise in Bondi Beach, Australia, and across Lake Nasser on both sides of the Abu Simbel temples was an attempt to synchronize the central power of my nervous system with the centralizing power of our solar system.

An adaptive-realization that dawned within me, as I merged 3 photos into one and the effect of 21st-century information brought a paradigm-shift in my perception of the cosmic nature of reality.

As my head centered perception of a consensus-reality suddenly shifted to my heart-centered awareness of a cosmic-reality. And a better way to understand and explain Plato’s call for people to have a life-affirming conversion experience percolated within my body-mind. As I merged two autonomic states of consciousness together, synchronizing the relationship between my heart and my head.

And since this profound adaptive-realization I think I understand the motivation of our wisest ancestors to create magnificent structures, symbols, and stories that would last thousands of years. To warn human history about confusing the communication oriented consensus-reality of our social world with the solar reality of the sun, earth, and moon.

Specifically, how our earth is immersed within the primeval waters of our solar system and the cosmic ocean of the universe, as ancient Egypt's and many other creation stories informed the world-to-come. Using a heart centered level of consciousness that transcends the concept driven nature of our social adaptation to an illusory, consensus-reality.

As my journey of wrestling with the true-life meaning of ancient sayings and stories comes full-circle and I believe I understand Plato’s conversion experience and why, as I wrote in my first badly written and self-published book JESUS NEW AGE As Your Second Coming: EXPERIENCING PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL RESURRECTION Plato’s words were the seed source for the story of Jesus the Christ.

And why I believe those final sayings of Jesus synthesize the Tree-of-Life teachings of ancient Egypt and the reason for Akhenaten’s religious revolution. A revolution based on an epiphany resulting from a consciousness altering experience of the horizons of the Aten, the Sun. Which I believe was the same as the sentient (endowed with feeling consciousness) inspiration for the construction of Egypt’s 4-directions signifying Pyramids.

While from my experiences of feeling like I am the earth turning in space and seeking scientific information to justify those mystical events. I merged two photos into one as I was thinking: “what does Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia have in common with the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo Egypt? Is it the constant rotation of the earth revealing the rising and setting of the sun and the pyramid signifying 4-directions of a cosmic reality?”

Were the pyramids built on such a grand scale and with an extraordinary east, west, north, south, spatial alignment to make people question their sense of reality? Were our wisest ancestors aware of the diminished sensory perception inherent in our brain’s frontal-lobes and our early-life adaptation to the consensus-reality of spoken languages?

Aware of how our need to fit into social environments keeps our attention + awareness routinely focused on a horizontal plane of existence? Keeps us stuck in the waking dream of our flat-earth perception of reality through the linear sense of time created by the information schema of numbers, for example.

And was a seriously long meditation on the circular nature of time granted by noticing the circular motion of the heavens above, long forgotten by the time humanity reached the era of modernity? Long before the pyramids were built and illusion transcending stories about the history of the human condition were created within a space that has been interpreted in the Bible as the place of a skull?

Would ordinary people in unknown eras past, like shepherds watching over their flock night and day have noticed the circular motion of stars above and the daily arc of the sun and moon across the sky, wondered why and how? Why and how questions that prompt the thought inside my skull, “what do people really mean when they speak of waking up?”

People like Sam Harris who’s bio says “is a neuroscientist, philosopher, New York Times best-selling author, host of the Making Sense podcast, and creator of the Waking Up app." And someone like John Vervaeke, a professor of cognitive science and YouTube content creator of an online series titled; Awakening from the Meaning Crisis.

Two educated intellectuals searching for answers to what has been deemed our 21st-century meta-crisis of multiple threats to human life and the trajectory of civilization. And as far as I can tell, after years of following the arguments put forward by people like Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, John Vervaeke and Iain McGilchrist, no clarifying definition of what we might awaken from and may awaken to, has yet been provided.

While the pyramids have lasted for thousands of years and the story of Jesus the Christ has lasted over two thousand years. As a story about our common experience of life and signifying a messianic age in the future of the world-to-come. A storytelling vision, I believe, about a universal need for perceptual wisdom, as signified in Jesus last words on a metaphorical cross where he reiterates his reason for teaching parables (seeing they don’t see, hearing, they don’t hear) by saying “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

And just as Akhenaten’s epiphany about the horizons of the Aten were condemned and erased from history, Jesus’ teachings about the problems of human perception and the kingdom of heaven were condemned as blasphemy. Because his teaching leveled the playing field of a hierarchically organized society, I believe. A belief gained through decades of personal experience, prompting a salient reader question about love, truth, and true wisdom.

"Did the teaching about love, perceptual wisdom and the harsh light of truth in this historical story identify the perennial problem of how an individual’s love of power overrules the power of love because we are not as conscious as we like to think we are?" And is the realization of this unpalatable truth symbolized in the Egyptian key-of-life and enacted each new day at the temples of Abu Simbel? Were these ancient monuments built to direct conscious attention + awareness towards the twin lights of awakened consciousness, the sun and moon?

Did the story of Jesus repeat the history of Akhenaten’s religious revolution by restating the twofold optical illusions of consciousness that are swept away by an a conscious recognition of the horizons of the Aten? Is this the experiential meaning of why and how Christ consciousness resurrection occurs at dawn? As alluded to in the original ending of the New Testament gospel of Mark, chapter 16.

Is the larger temple at Abu Simbel dedicated to a Pharaoh ruler of Egypt or the ruler of our solar system, the sun? And is the smaller temple dedicated to a Queen of Egypt, Nefertari or the smaller ruler of human consciousness, the moon? Is the main temple dedicated to Ramesses II and its solar alignment meant to commemorate the way his birthday and coronation coincide with the precession of the equinoxes, or is it dedicated to the 3+1 reality of spacetime we explored in The Perceptual Wisdom Experience of Heaven

A perceptual wisdom experience spelled out in the second of Jesus last sayings about the space-time cross humanity bears,today shalt thou be with me in paradise.Meaning, if we recognize the waking dream of consensus-reality, we can awaken to the limits of descriptive language and the 2-dimensional paradox of our map-making mind’s. I believe this was the intuitively inspired intention of this particular saying.

While the adaptive-realization that dawned as I merged 3 photos of so-called sunrise into one, trying to show the South to North horizontal movement of the sun’s daily rise above the eastern horizon, involved an embodied sense of the optical illusion of consciousness in the conceptualizing idea of 4-directions. As all the recent paradigm-shifting images from the James Webb telescope awakened my conscious awareness of cosmic reality. It was like experiencing the directionless reality of weightlessness inside the international space-station, while sitting and looking into the screen of my laptop.

An embodied experience of consensus-reality illusions that brought home the meaning of Jesus 3rd last saying on that metaphorical cross of space-time, “Woman, behold, thy son! Behold, thy mother!" Which Wikipedia informs us, history has interpreted thus; “This statement is traditionally called "The Word of Relationship." Wikipedia also states that “"Catholic commentators, on the basis of these two passages, often connect Mary with the "woman" of Genesis 3:15, and the "woman clothed with the sun" in Revelation 12, and therefore see this title of "woman" as a justification for the veneration of Mary as a second Eve."

Yet, do these words of illusion transcending wisdom allude to our fertile earth as being like a woman clothed with the sun? Are such cryptic verses allusions to our Mother earth and Father sun? Are these final lines from the historical story of Jesus clever cryptic clues alluding to the transcendent wisdom developed in Mother Africa long before the dawn of humanity’s first civilizations? Developed from an intuitively embodied sense of our twice born experience of being and belief?

Are indigenous creation stories about primeval waters and a cosmic ocean out of touch with the recent images of the universe transmitted from the James Webb telescope? Which brings me to an interpretation of Jesus' 4th last saying about life on the space-time cross humanity bears, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

A saying that fuels the Christian belief that Jesus takes the sins of the world upon himself as an act of atonement for the fall of man, as humanity’s original sin. Yet, should this sin be interpreted through the behavioral lens of morality or the sense perception of reality? Historically, this saying of Jesus has been thought to allude to the whole of Psalm22, a poem dedicated to the hind of dawn. 

And may be the true reason Jesus is hailed a true son of Israel's King David on his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and fulfills all prophecy 7 days later on a day named Pascha (Aramaic, Greek, Latin) or Resurrection Sunday. After all, isn't every day, a day of Sun?

I believe the risen Christ story alludes to Akhenaten’s first light experience while looking eastward from the river Nile early one morning, as discussed in Hoffmeier's, Akhenaten and the Origins of Monotheism. And as we read in the Wikipedia contributions to our understanding of the historical interpretations of this saying, some people suggest it should be read as "My power, my power, thou hast forsaken me!"

And given that earth-axis rotation is the primary cause of our experience of night and day, does this saying allude to the power of the night? Was this saying a lament about the unfathomable history of humanity’s awareness of the cyclical motions of the heavens above? Of untold ages past when human beings lived a far more embodied experience of reality than we do today?

Was the intuitive meaning of a fall from grace meant to be experienced as the loss of immediacy inherent in our brain’s frontal-lobes and our early-life adaptation to naming every aspect of our lived experience? Certainly, it was no coincidence that my adaptive-realization experience about the flat-earth perception of 4-directions as the counter-foil reason for building Egypt’s pyramids happened during a period when I’d been looking at the paradigm-shifting images from the James Webb.

A question of perceptual experience that brings me to the next Jesus saying on the list of seven, “I thirst.” A simple statement that has been interpreted as “The Word of Distress,” as Wikipedia’s contributions to freedom of information inform us. Which I believe can be reverse engineered, to use today’s vernacular (spoken by ordinary people), to mean, I thirst for knowledge and experience?

Like experiencing the Hind of Dawn as the 30 minutes or so before the sun appears above a horizon, as a first light experience produced by earth’s constant rotation? As I did in Kenya during August 2022 after writing the paragraph above about my realization of no 4-directions in outer space. Knowing the cause of what I would experience is the 1037 mph of earth's rotation at that cosmic location. Noting the speed difference between east coast Africa and east coast Australia's 865 mph having checked on the information here:

I remember marveling at the sight of an African mother and her child still blissfully asleep before sitting on the balcony of a secluded property where the environment enabled me to experience the birth of a day as our ancestors most likely did. There was a special moment when all felt silent and still just before the faintest sounds of bird song began to grow in volume as herald's to the first cock crow.

"Will he crow 3 times before the sun mounts a horizon," I remember thinking. Knowing that today's scientific knowledge was helping me to understand and embody how and why wisdom was considered more excellent for seeing the sun? Helping me to make the past present and marvel at the perceptual wisdom of our ancestors and their intuitively inspired sayings and stories.

As memories of all the uplifting songs that have filled my heart during past mystical experiences of feeling the earth turning nature of cosmic oneness. And knowing with a visceral sense of certainty the cosmic placebo effect Plasm 22 was meant to evoke. And why in history of true wisdom and sophist illusions of knowledge, the origins of the word placebo are described thus:

"Placebo (pronounced /plaˈkebo/ or /plaˈt͡ʃebo) is Latin for [I] shall be pleasing. It was used as a name for the Vespers in the Office of the Dead, taken from its incipit, a quote from the Vulgate's Psalm 116:9, placēbō Dominō in regiōne vīvōrum, "[I] shall please the Lord in the land of the living." From that, a singer of placebo became associated with someone who falsely claimed a connection to the deceased to get a share of the funeral meal, and hence a flatterer, and so a deceptive act to please." on Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia.  

Ideas about music and placebo effects that brings me to the 6th of Jesus last sayings “It is finished.Imagine being the architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza and, as Wikipedia describes, uttering “The Word of Triumph,” ‘It is finished?’ And like the magnificent structure built thousands of years before it, is the historical story of Jesus about humanity’s experience upon the cross of space-time?

And is this simple statement, as centuries of theologians interpret it, made in anticipation of a resurrection all human beings can experience? Is the story of Jesus seeded by the dialogues of Plato and his notion of a conversion experience in the sight of the sun? And if so, what kind of perceptual conversion can be experienced at the hind of dawn, first light of a day? Is it an awareness of witnessing the Electromagnetic Spectrum of Light?

The thermodynamic nature of reality, both outside and inside our bodies? A notion explored in the idea that the first law of psychology is the second law of thermodynamics. And as explored in The Affect of Information on Imagined Reality an experienced expansion of awareness beyond a vernacular sense of reality? A vernacular worldview that suffers from the reification-fallacy we explored in Reified Optical Illusions of Self & Nature.

While this notion that the story of Jesus repeats or mimics the religious revolution of Akhenaten some 1350 odd years previously is based on the idea that human history will repeat itself until the cause of this behavioral pattern is identified and made conscious. Which Jesus parable teaching, especially his parable of the sower and the notion of words acting like seeds for the fertile soil of our imagination, can be understood and made conscious in the context of reification.

Thoughts about replicating a reification pattern that flow from my cosmic triangulation experiences of spending 40 days and nights alone, as the story of Jesus, the Christ advises. Which brings me to Jesus final saying, "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit." Which Wikipedia tells us replicates a verse from a song of David; “From Psalm31:5, which as an announcement and not a request, is traditionally called "The Word of Reunion" and is theologically interpreted as the proclamation of Jesus joining God the Father in Heaven." 

As I note with curiosity the German words from Psalms 31:14 ("My times are in thy hand") and the triangulation symbol on a sundial on the tower of the Marienkirche in St. Johann you can see here. Wondering whether a personal experience of cosmic or stellar triangulation inspired by the fourth gospel words attributed to Jesus, “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30).

And if the meaning-in-life essence of these words reflected in Akhenaten’s golden image of our social and solar reality? Should a 21st-century science perspective on the evolution of our solar-system and the evolution of the human nervous-system interpret this saying metaphorically, as identifying the Earth as humanity's Mother and the Sun as humanity’s Father?

And what kind of world-wide revolution would create a solution to the increasingly undeniable issue of climate change? Are ordinary people so wide of the mark when they use vernacular terms like biblical and apocalyptic to describe their famine, fire and flood experiences of climate change?

Are the people who say we are sleep-walking towards an apocalypse of our own making using the wrong language for our epoch defining experience of this 21st-century? Is language the fly in the ointment of perceptual wisdom? And will generation alpha create a revolution-solution to humanity’s current problems by facing up to a history defining, reification-redemption challenge? A challenge we’ll explore in the next chapter/post.

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